India Desk

Enabling opportunities for Australia in India

This initiative aims to enhance the connection between our clients and businesses in Australia with the numerous opportunities presented in India.


Serving as a valuable point of contact, India Desk offers numerous benefits to our clients and businesses in Australia by acting as a bridge between both countries. Through this desk, we provide a gateway to establish connections with influential individuals and organizations, granting Australian businesses access to invaluable local insights, lucrative business opportunities, and extensive networks.

Purple Quay showcases robust ties with Indo-Australian businesses and forums, creating top-tier connections, and opportunities that maximize their engagements with India. We are adept with the necessary knowledge and resources to cater to clients across various domains, providing comprehensive support for their endeavors in India. Whether exploring new markets, forging partnerships, or pursuing business ventures, India Desk is committed to delivering unparalleled assistance and expertise.

Purple Quay goes beyond connecting the two countries. Our PQ services offer seamless financial management, precise bookkeeping, and expert handling of cross-border tax and compliance for your success.

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